Guide on Using Garden Sprayer for Staining Your Deck

Last Updated on September 12, 2021 by Gabriel French

Are you tired of scrubbing your deck by hand? Maybe it’s time to use a garden sprayer for staining. Garden sprayers can be an excellent alternative to paint, but there are some things you can do to make sure that the job goes well.

I’m going to share with you the exact steps and materials needed when using a garden sprayer for staining your deck. With this guide in hand, it’s guaranteed that not only will your deck be stained beautifully, but also professionally. Let’s get started!

Clean the surface of the deck – 

Before staining, make sure you clean your deck. Use soap water or detergent diluted by half to remove any visible dirt and grime from the wood surface. Let it dry overnight so that all remaining traces of soap are removed before applying a new coat since this might interfere with how well the stain will stick onto its surface.

Fill a garden sprayer with stain and water

Fill a garden sprayer canister with the deck stain of your choice. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for how much to use and how long it will take before you can apply another coat. You can also add water in order to thin out the mixture, but this is only recommended when using oil-based stains since latex stains don’t need any additional dilution.

Make sure that these two liquids are mixed well together so they’re ready to be applied once you’re done cleaning off excess debris from the surface of your wood platform or porch flooring.

Spray evenly on wood surfaces, wait until dry

Use a pump sprayer to apply the stain mixture onto your wood surface, making sure you can fully cover all of it evenly. If there are any pools or puddles that form from excess stain on the flooring’s surface, use a paint roller to remove these and thin out thicker areas before allowing them to dry completely once again.

Be patient since this might take up around an hour for coats with oil-based stains but can be as quick as 30 minutes if using latex ones instead. After making sure that everything has dried properly after being applied then it can now finally be safe enough for people and furniture back onto your wooden deck platform without worrying about getting stained by accident!

Apply another coat to make sure it’s all even

After the first coat is dry, you can now apply another one. This time around you can either choose to do so in a different direction or with an overlapping motion if your are trying not to have any visible lines between each of them when all dried up.

Make sure that there are no puddles formed; however since these might cause damage to your decking surface.

Steps can be repeated if necessary, allowing the stain time to dry completely in between applications before continuing on with another round of coats until you are happy with how it looks like. Allow for at least a day or two after staining since over-spray can easily get onto furniture and surroundings so give it a chance to fully dry out.

Let it dry for two days before using the deck again

Make sure that your deck can dry out overnight or for at least two days after you are done applying the stain to ensure that it doesn’t get any accidental over-spray on its surface.

Make extra preparations around this time, such as covering surrounding plants and vegetation with sheets of plastic before staining starts in order to protect them against over-spray getting onto their leaves or bark.

Remember to read the can’s label for further precautions on how long it might take before you can use your outdoor wooden decking again, if at all depending on what kind of stain you are using!

Be careful not to get too close or you’ll end up with drips!

Be careful not to get too close or you’ll end up with drips! Your canister will have a guide on how far away from the surface of your decking you need to be in order for it to look good and spray evenly. For example, an oil-based stain might require at least 12 inches between its canister and your decking surface to prevent it from dripping.

If you can’t get a good distance away, consider using a spray paint instead of stain since the former type can be used at close range without any problems!

Never apply more than one coat in a single day as this can cause discoloration or other issues on how your deck looks like.

Repeat steps until you are satisfied with how it appears!

Enjoy your new, fresh-looking deck!

Once everything has dried out properly, it should be safe for you to now move back furniture and other items onto your deck.

 Enjoy the new look of your outdoor wooden flooring! It’s guaranteed that this will make things easier when staining any kind of lumber material since garden sprayers can cover much more surface area than paint.

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